Divine Covenants

Divine covenants are covenants made by God to man. Unlike man-made covenants, divine covenants are a one way deal. God makes the covenant and he sets the terms by which it will encapsulate. It won’t always require man to fulfil an obligation but it will in one way or another include some kind of blessing from God. Although it is a one way deal, divine covenants are always intentionally made by God for the benefit of mankind.

Studying the covenants gives us a clear view of the events that occurred in the Bible; sometimes even those that are not in the Bible. Knowing the covenants and their implications to mankind and the earth helps give an outline to the events that occurred in history. It is now easier to see how faithful men have toiled the earth having only nothing but God’s word to live by. Then again, whenever a covenant is decreed, there is always a sense of reverence for God that enables the hearer to know that anything is possible as long as God said so.

This also shows how intentional God has planned the story of humanity even before it actually unfolds. And with that try challenging yourself to wonder.. You are intentionally made with purpose.

Probably the most important of all covenants is the covenant with Jesus. It is between God and man, but this time including the Gentiles. It promises that the law will be written within man’s heart, relationship with God, knowledge of God, forgiveness of sin, and eternal inheritance. It is through the blood of Jesus and the only requirement is for a man to have faith in Jesus Christ.

That in itself would be the covenant that is closest to home for most of us.

I think this time, If I were to choose which of the five promises are most relevant to me, It’d be the first one which is the law written in man’s heart. I cannot imagine how much that indwelling of the Spirit has saved me so many times from completely messing up my life. In times when I felt like giving up, that indwelt desire deep in my heart to follow God has always lead me to victory. Which is why even to this day, I am very grateful for the blessings that God has made available for mankind despite our stubbornness to turn away from Him again and again. To me that just proves God’s love. Despite the many times that we do not completely understand His logic.

*This entry is part of my revision series. An introspective project revisiting and re-imagining entries I wrote years back.

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