Apologetics in the office..

I hate the concept of God being this all-powerful diety who watches over you intently while you sin. Making notes in his little book re: who goes to heaven or hell. It all feels too cheap. Is he really that bored?
Like the sun being hot. The sun has absolutely no intention to harm you, but the mere fact that it is hot will destroy you if you were to draw near to it.
It’s the same concept with God being Holy. He has absolutely no intention of causing you harm (or sending anyone to hell), He wants us closer to Him; but the mere fact that He is Holy makes it fatal for us sinners to draw near to Him.
The only difference is, He made a way through Jesus so we “can” draw near to Him despite our sins. Is that not love to you?
And yes. Jesus was the only man in history who had no sin. He was angry with the very same things that make God angry. Anger alone is not sin.
God is not fundamentally angry. He is fundamentally righteous. God’s anger is a byproduct of his righteousness. That’s an attribute we humans do not and cannot possess. #Piper
(Every other character in the Bible was messed up in their own sense; I’ll give you that).

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